Basic Techniques to Create a User Friendly Website

One of the secrets to making your website successful is to ensure it’s as user friendly as possible. If you’re not sure what goes into a user friendly site, then here’s your chance to begin finding out. If people find your site engaging and easy to use, then that’s a potent one-two punch. To complement this effort, you need to have analytics in place so you can test out different approaches.

You can learn a lot about this topic on the net, and it’s worth your investment in time to do this.

You may not have heard the phrase “above the fold” before but, in this instance, it refers to what a user is going to see right away when they show up on your site. This refers to what they see before they start scrolling. The area that is above the fold is where the vital information and vital elements of your page need to go. This is what you want to almost force visitors to see and read before anything else. It’s perfectly sensible but it is an area where most websites typically drop the ball. Do you know how well your website does this? If you are failing here, do whatever you have to do to improve, even if it means redesigning your home page. Always remember that the most important thing you need to do–the thing you need to do before you do anything else–is communicate what you’ve got to offer.

We’ve all heard stories about some sites that do well and they’re not all the pretty to look at. Yes you know that it plays a role with the impression you make, so it does matter. The format if your theme and blog with design as well as content presentation is what will have a greater impact. What you want to achieve is successfully selling your message, and yes, everything comes down to selling even when you’re not doing a hard sell. Remember that speed is important, so find a good theme you think will be accepted and get your blog live.

It’s so easy these days to get a privacy policy even if it’s a basic one – and you really should do this. This is a serious matter, and there are people who just look for any opportunity to file frivolous lawsuits so this is also about taking care of your business. You can easily add footer links or some themes will have widgets you can easily use. If you’re heavy into SEO, you may have read that it’s not a good idea to have these admin links on every page.

People should never have to struggle on your site to find what they want, and that’s the whole point about this. When they like what they’re experiencing, then they’ll be more likely to return. After you start doing this, then pay attention to site metrics and see what the numbers look like. Don’t do what so many others do which is nothing – you have to build your business.

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